Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Resource: Podcasts

As I meander through my writing diary, I will post some entries with Resource in the title. Here I will digress from my story, and direct you to a book, blog, podcast, or some other resource that I found helpful.

Today I will focus on the deep resources available through podcasts. The benefits of podcasts are plentiful. You can educate yourself during your daily commute, while waiting at the doctor's office, or while you take your morning jog. It allows for multitasking in a life where time is in short supply.

In addition, you are hearing from an array of authors, publishers, editors, publicists, and other experts. The advice that these seasoned professionals provide is free of charge. That is my kind of price. And yes, you may go on to buy one of their books. A technique that you will one day use when selling your book.

Here are a few podcasts that I have found useful. If you are not the parusing type, I will highlight some individual podcast episodes in future Resource entries which will be directly linked.

Calling All Authors - Hosted by Valerie Connelly who is an author, teacher, and publisher among other things. The archives are a treasure box full of informative interviews and publisher's corners.

Writers In The Sky - Hosted by Yvonne Perry, Published Author, Freelance Writer, Podcast Host and Owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services. Once again, look through the archives on the right hand side as you scroll down.

Search for podcasts on "writing fiction" or whatever your interest, and you will find a host of results.

These are just a sample. Google writing podcasts and you will find almost endless resources.

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