Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to deal with writer's block

The sixty-four thousand dollar question. The muse is silent. The next step is out of reach. What do you do, other than pace, get more coffee, and stare at the screen?
I have read many perspectives on this over time, but I will just give you my opinion, for what its worth.

When you lose the story, return to character. Spend time imagining your characters in the room with you, hanging out with you. What do they do? What do they say? Essentially get into the mind of your characters. I believe the most common reason for the writer's block is bring out of touch with who your characters are.

If you have trouble doing this exercise, you may need to write some back story for the character to help you know who they are. Bottom line, if you don't know your character, you will not bring them to life in your story.

Stop worrying about the plot and search for motivation, see how characters react. The story will begin to naturally unfold.

Hope that helps. If not, just start "free writing" to get your juices flowing. Do not think about a topic or plot. Just write. It may be incomprehensible, but after a while, you may just find you are back on track creatively.

Most importantly, keep writing, even if it sucks.

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Elizabeth said...

Amen bro. Keep writing even if it sucks. Cuz tomorow you might see it doesn't suck that much after all.
I'm on my first novel too. Good to meet you.