Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally writing the novel again.

I started to doubt if I would ever get back into my novel, but I did it. I know I talked before about how to get started after a break. Now I'll tell you what worked for me.

The re-read of the novel was the first step and there was no avoiding it. After getting back into the flow of the story, I reviewed my notes and the outline. I ran into a problem.

The story and characters had been through some revision and expansion in the back of my mind over the months that I took off from writing the novel. Therefore the outline was not completely relevant anymore.

There were two main approaches that I could think of: 1) revise the outline, or 2) start writing based on what I saw coming next.

I chose to start writing.

Five chapters later, I am back in the flow of writing and moving toward the end of my novel. The basic story has not changed much, but the path to the ending has morphed some. I'm finding a more character centered element to the story that I knew was there, but had gotten lost as I worked on the complex plot elements.

I feel that by stopping and starting again, I was able to rediscover some of the original themes introduced in the early part of the story. Regarding my choice of starting to write over re-working the outline, it boiled down to one thing. I felt that my creative juices were flowing again. I sensed that if I started writing, even if I had to throw some of it out that ultimately I would find some new and interesting parts of my story. I think I was right in my case.

One thing I said before I still believe. You need to believe in yourself and not get discouraged before you get started. Have faith that once you get to writing again, it will be good. Even if it starts slow, you will get there. Believe in yourself, and your hard work will do the rest.

I hope that my success will help someone out there who is in the same position to have my level of success. Get back in that writing chair and show the word processor who's boss.

Until next time, lets keep on writing.
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