Sunday, July 12, 2009

Resources and writing update

Here are some links that I found interesting over the past week. Regarding my writing, I submitted a new article to and wrote a few paragraphs in my Novelette prequel to the main novel I am writing. This was a busy week with July 4th and my oldest daughter's 13th birthday, so I did not write much, but I am getting back on the horse.

A quick read to inspire you to get started on your novel.

This is a funny and practical approach to finding an idea for your next story

A good article on 8 steps involved in writing your novel

Here is an encouraging question/answer for any young writers out there

Mighty Mur Lafferty talks about self-publishing

Here's info on a Screenplay writing contest

If you have some writing that is "contest ready" you have a couple of days to submit. This one is due July 15th.

Here's a good article on setting your rates as a freelance writer.

The next time I blog I hope to have another chunk of the story written. Until then, let's keep on writing.

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