Thursday, August 27, 2009

Articles, Blogs, Cover Art, and a Writing Update.

I am sorry for the delay in my post. Things have been crazy lately and I just could not find the time. Because I am starting a technical blog on SQL Server, it just means I have more to juggle, and I have not learned how to juggle yet. In addition, I just wrote my first technical article that will appear in the September 3rd newsletter from This is an exciting new avenue for me to expand my professional profile, but it once again takes more time.

I will begin with a writing update on my Novelette/Novella. I am currently at 11,689 words which means I am making some progress but not at the speed I would prefer. Anyway, I am trying to finish the first draft by the end of September so I can have it edited by the end of the year. I may not reach that goal, but I will try to have my book available in 2009.

I am pretty sure I have the title locked down as well, "Closing Gitmo," which is the first book in a series named "Within Our Borders."

At the same time, I have started to work on cover art so that hopefully by the time the book is done, the cover art will also be done. I will risk posting a first draft for feedback, so please be brutally honest if you leave feedback. Otherwise I will not be able to use your comments to make improvements.

Next time I hope to have more written words to report and some helpful tips.
Until then, let's keep on writing.

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