Sunday, October 18, 2009

Frustrated by Real Life

I have read repeatedly that the way you know if you are a writer is how much you write. If it is in your top three to five priorities, you may be a writer. Lately the extremely long weeks at my day job (although more nights are involved these days) have been making it impossible for me to move beyond my basic family and chore obligations into my writing.

Today I am trying to break out of that rut, but I know we have an office move coming up in a week so I will probably have a long couple of weeks. In reality, I think there does come a point where you have to realize writing will always be an extreme challenge while working a full-time job. Sometimes will be harder than others, but that is the point. You will never be able to really settle into a routine because your primary obligations will change your schedule.

While I am frustrated, I am trying to be an adult and recognize that it is just something to roll with and get over. I will try to write some more today, and hope to write more this week. If it does not happen, I know I will pick it up the following week.

Does it make continuity of plot and style and flow difficult? Absolutely! That leads me back to truth of life number 87, there is a reason that not everyone writes a novel... it is hard.

So wishing you all the best of luck in your writing, while sprinkling some luck in my direction as well, I bid you farewell to go write.

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