Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shadow Swans by Laura Thomas

I never do this, but today is a day for exceptions. My cousin Laura Thomas recently published her first novel, Shadow Swans, and I just finished reading it this morning. After finishing this amazing adventure of human emotion, I feel compelled to tell others about it.

So today instead of a blog post on writing, you are getting a recommendation to read Shadow Swans (and to be clear, I will not receive any financial reward for this plug). I am not giving a full review or a synopsis. You can see those on Amazon. Here I want to focus on the writing process and craft.

Why read this book? Because as a writer, you are in a quest to learn about craft, hone your skills, defy the rules, and break new ground. Laura Thomas has succeeded in immersing the reader into the characters and the world of a New York you have never imagined. The underworld becomes alive with vivid descriptions as the characters effortlessly become people you care about and long to follow.

In short, reading a book so well crafted will help you as a writer. Learn from the methods of coloring a room with a tuned mixture of sound, sight, and smell. Relationships that are complex to all parties involved, and yet clear in their parts.

I know you will enjoy the book, but that is not the point in this blog. Use the book to take your writing to another level. Study the way voice is employed. Examine the incredible use of simile. Grow as a writer by reading great writing.

And enjoy.

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Rachel said...

I also, just finished this book. (Grabbed it @ a quaint little coffee shop in Mammoth last week) Yet, for me it's now like leaving the theater while the final credits are rolling because I have been watching this novel in my mind for the past week. You dedcribed this book exactly as I would have.she made it come to life so vividly. I hope she's already finishing up her next novel because I'm hooked. I am a HUGE Oprah book club fan and this by FAR exceeds some of the novels Oprah has recommended. I will recommend this book to everyone!