Saturday, May 17, 2008

Writing tools

I know this topic could have different meanings, but I am referring to physical tools. I have a short list based on what is working for me.

1. Laptop - just getting the obvious one out of the way. This is by far the best tool for editing, storing different drafts, storing research, and handling important correspondence. Enough said.

2. QuickPad - As mentioned in an earlier blog entry, I have trouble getting bogged down in editing while writing my first draft. I did some research on how other writers dealt with this issue, and I discovered the QuickPad. It is a keyboard with a four line text window and built in memory that can handle about 100 pages. The compact, rugged case is perfect for lugging around to type a few lines here and there. Most importantly to me, the limited screen size keeps me moving forward in my writing. This is not useful for editing. I use it exclusively as a first draft machine.

3. Smart phone/PDA - if you are like me, you are juggling work, family, friends, other obligations, and writing a novel. It is no easy task to handle, but a portable device with WI-FI access can help. For example, every blog entry you read here is typed on my T-Mobile Shadow smart phone, usually during my lunch break from my car. So a blog that I don't have time to write is now accessible.

I hope that this helps you think about your options as you approach different writing tasks.

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