Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Resource: Social Networking for Writers

I'll quickly skip over the obvious "big two" but it is a good idea to have both a myspace and a facebook profile. And these are things you should start NOW. Why? Because you can join many groups of writers, readers, friends, and family. When you launch your book, you can directly market to all the friends you have accumulated over time. You don't want to overdo marketing to these people, but it is a perfect place to push your book launch.

Another great site is It is a social networking site built exclusively for writers. Take advantage of free book reviews, writer's forums, and you can even embed book trailers and audio into your profile on the site.

Social networking can help you meet publishers, promoters, industry insiders, and other writers. Hard to beat. Now start signing up and add your friends and family. Then move on to writing groups. See what happens.

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