Sunday, December 14, 2008

More free website monitoring

I've been sick for the past few days so this will be a short post.  I want to thank one of my readers for commenting with more website monitoring options, two specifically. is a free monitoring site similar to, but this one has unlimited log size where statcounter limits you to 500 log entries.  I signed up and tested it out, and found it to be a very easy setup and browsing experience.  The reports are extensive, although there are many links that don't work with the free account.  The paid version is $8/month or $90/year, but I wouldn't pay for a service like this until you are making good money on the site. is a public website information company. You add a web page that they provide to your site, and they monitor your traffic. In this case, the traffic stats are available to anyone who wants to check through alexa's website. This would be useful if you are trying to get sponsors and advertising for your website once you have a decent amount of traffic. Send potential advertisers to this site and let them check your public stats for themselves.

One more thing I wanted to comment on is the new posts that recently started to see if you are a subscriber to this blog.  What I am referring to is posts with Delicious in the title.  I have setup my blog feed to include bookmarks that I add to Delicious on a daily basis.  Therefore, if you subscribe to this blog you will also get links that I find interesting through the week, but that I don't have time to specifically blog about. If you are not familiar with Delicious, I highly recommend it as a "portable favorites" list that is always available to you, no matter the PC, Mac, or web enabled device that you are browsing from.

That's all for this week. On the writing front, I finished another scene in my script. I believe I'm about six or seven scenes away from completion and then back to the book.

Until next time, let's keep on writing.
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