Monday, May 25, 2009

Changing Directions... Again.

For anyone following this blog, I have been slammed with work and it does not seem to be letting up. I will blog when I can, but it may not be weekly at this point.

Regarding my "Changing Directions" title, I am in fact shifting any time I do have into a short story. I know, I should focus in, finish the novel. But don't judge so quickly.

The reason I am writing a short story is there are current events that nicely tie into the ground work for my novel. The short story I am writing is actually a lead in to the beginning of my novel. Due to the current events tie in, I decided it makes more sense to try writing this story first, polish it, and get it on the blog/website/etc as quickly as possible.

In my mind, it has the potential for free advertising and/or Google Search hits on my story that people will stumble upon. Will it really help me? Who knows. I'll find out. And of course, as always, I will let you know if it is a success or failure.

In addition, I can submit this short story for publication. If I am able to get it published, it will be another boost to my book marketing and potentially a boost to getting my novel published.

Once it is done, I will post more about it here, including where you can go and download it. I may try my first Podcast with this story as well. We'll see about that one.

Until the next time I can squeeze out a few minutes, let's keep writing.

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