Sunday, May 10, 2009


Sometimes, it is good to just look around on the Internet and learn what you can from others. That may even be how you found my blog. This week, I just want to list out some links that I found interesting or could relate to in some way. Hope they help you either emotionally or practically.

Another unpublished neophyte talking about writing.

A nice set of writing insights from novelist Marilynne Robinson.

A young person struggles with the idea of writing a novel.

A blog entry about Print-on-demand.

An interview with Cindy Wilson.

What do you do after you finish the first draft? Here's a list.

Learning the Craft: Writing a Novel

Until next time, let's keep on writing.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my post about M. Robinson. It's inspiring to read how famous writers approach their craft. I'll enjoy reading the other links. Marsha,