Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Valuable Writing Podcasts.

Every writer finds methods to continue learning about the craft and business of writing. There are blogs, ezines, books, and magazines just to name a few. I use most of these resources but today I want to focus on podcasts.

What do I learn from podcasts? I learn about the craft of writing from authors and writing professionals. I learn about how to market your work. I hear interviews with authors which teaches me what to expect when (hopefully) I am one day being interviewed. And I can learn all of this in the flexible form of audio from a podcast.

Either from your computer or on your MP3 player, you have the flexibility to listen when you have time, and even take care of other minor tasks while you listen. Here are a few of the podcasts I currently enjoy, and I welcome you to post any that you love in the comments.

A 24/7 Writer's online radio station that I recently discovered. You will find some great interviews with Author's.

The greatest combination of humor and practical guidance I have ever heard.

Mur is a great example of building a career through podcasting.

Great interview show broadcast out of Irvine, CA with Barbara DeMarco-Barrett hosting.

Valerie Connelly, a writer and publisher, hosts this interview and tips show.

Until next time, let's keep on writing.


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